2014 Cosmetology 口頭論文(2) Reversing Hair Graying by Activating Melanocyte Stem Cells with Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)

Progenic Hair Regrowth Treatment--

Reversing Hair Graying by Activating Melanocyte Stem Cells of Hair Follicles with Platelet-Derived Growth Factor (PDGF).



Name: Jack Sung 宋銘瑄

Asiamedic Biotechnology Co., Taipei, Taiwan 110


Hair Graying the most obvious sign of human aging and is becoming more and more popular at young population 30 of age. In 1956, Harman et al. first proposed the ‘free radical theory of aging’, which is widely accepted to explain hair graying phenomenon.

Wood et al. have recently demonstrated that the accumulation of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) in human white scalp hair shaft in millimolar concentration, with the absent of catalase and methionine sulfoxide reductase (MSR) protein expression. The function of key enzyme of melanogenesis, tyrosinase, is limited which leads to the eventual loss of hair color. While the entire hair follicles are subject to H2O2-mediated stress, it become natural to assume that other proteins, including antiapoptotic Bcl-2 protein are targets for oxidation. Nishimura et al. (2005) have also demonstrated that hair graying may be caused by defective self-maintenance of melanocyte stem cells, and not of differentiated melanocytes. Such process was dramatically accelerated with Bcl-2-deficiency, which causes selective apoptosis of melanocyte stem cells.  Mayumi et al.(2011) have recently identified Wnt signal secreted by EpSCs at the onset of hair regeneration, demonstrated that WpSC Wnt activation in McSCs drives their differentiation into pigment-producing melanocytes, while EpSC Wnt signaling not only dictates hair follicle formation but also regulates McSc proliferation during hair regeneration. Tomita et al (2006) discovered that PDGF isoforms (AA & BB) induce and maintain anagen phase of murine follicle.  Horsley et al (2011) advocates that PDGF is capable of inducing telogen follicles into anagen phase and the concentration of which is dose-dependent. Based on the above findings, we designed an advanced hair regrowth course with major focus on the activation of bulge Hair Follicle Stem Cells.  Thus, we wonder if we can activate EpSC to induce regeneration of new follicles, we maybe also activate McSCs to create new melanocytes and to reverse hair graying. We delivered PDGF(Platelet Derived Growth Factor) and VEGF(Vescular Endothelial Growth Factor) isolated from platelet after lyophilization, gamma radiation and then revitalization with normal saline solution. 

頭髮轉白是人類衰老最明顯的變化,並且在30歲左右的年輕人口日益普遍。哈曼等人在1956年首次提出"自由基導致老化理論",其用以解釋白髮現象的說法如今已廣為世人接受。伍德(Wood)等則發現在人類白髮中累積微莫爾濃度的過氧化氫,幾乎不存在過氧化氫酶和(修補蛋白氧化損傷的)甲硫氨酸亞砜還原酶(MSR)的蛋白表達。色素生成關鍵作用酶,酪氨酸酶的功能受到甲硫氨酸亞砜形成的蛋氨酸殘基限制導致頭髮無可避免的失去顏色。當整個毛囊充斥過氧化氫介導的壓力下,我們很自然的聯想到不只酪氨酸酶和甲硫氨亞砜還原酶MSR ,其他蛋白質和多肽,包括抗凋亡 Bcl -2 蛋白,這些也都是氧化的對象。西村等人最近表明,頭髮花白可能是因為色素幹細胞的自我維護有缺陷,而非分化的黑素細胞。這個現象會因為 Bcl-2 缺陷而大幅加速,並導致了色素幹細胞選擇性的凋亡。
























  Method: The delivery method evolved from micro-needling to needle free electroporation. Global images and tricoscopy of each treatment are recorded for comparison and validation of course effectiveness. A hair growth course of 4 delivery is indicated for each patients on monthly basis subject to the final finding whether hair density reach 120 hairs per square centimeter. If not, additional delivery is indicated. 


Total new hair gain is calculated by new hair density multiplying affected region during and at the end of the course.  So far, over 400 patients have received growth factor treatment since May 2010, while new hair formation has been confirmed in all patients, and to our surprise, many of which show sign of pigment reproducing by tricoscopic examination at the second treatment 21~30 days later. The delivery of the above growth factors has been effective that we noticed prompt growth of new hair as early as 3 weeks in young patients and 4 weeks in mid-aged patients. We noted new pigmented hair with unpigmented tip in all patients at 30 day intra-treatment findings. The continued turnover of gray hairs into black hair has been observed 12 months after the termination of treatment.  There is a portion of of white old hairs that may not covert to pigmented hair due to complete loss of McSCs.

方法: 導入方法由微針導入進化至無針電泳導入法。每次治療均施行全面影像紀錄及毛囊影像分析,並記錄數據以便比較療程前後的有效性。一套生髮療程包括4次生髮因子導入,每月施行1次。我們根據療程最後結果評估患部頭髮密度是否達到120/cm2 下限。如果未達下限,則須再施行更多次導入。我們將患部面積乘以密度增加量得到總新生髮量。自 2010 年 5 月至目前為止共有 400 多位患者接受生髮因子導入療程,所有患者皆在療程起 20~30 天施行第二次導入時證實有新髮長出。出乎我們意外,許多患者同時也證實有色素生成。這種導入方式十分有效,我們注意到年輕患者在 3 周時就可以觀察到新髮長出,中年患者則在 4 周時出現新髮。


























Left: Unpigmented hair with pigmentation reactivated from a 37-year-old female patient.  See distal end at 2 cm portion for new black hair. We believe that younger patients suffer from imcomplete aptosis of melanocytes so that the recovery of black hair is possible. Shall the complete deltion of melanocyte stem cells occur, such repigmentation become impossible.

圖左: 37 歲女性患者白髮底部 2 公分處開始返黑。我們相信越年輕的患者其白髮內是色素細胞不完全消失,色素幹細胞損傷有限,因此色素重新生成白髮返黑是可能的。 如果色素細胞完全消失凋亡,幹細胞也損傷嚴重,則白髮返黑就不可能了。 


Conclusion: Progenic Hair Treatment provides promising solution to the reversal of hair graying by activating Melanocyte stem cell and the renewal of old white hairs with new-born black hairs.  However, these new-born hairs are sensitive to the attack of oxidative stress that further daily anti-aging hair care treatment is necessary to the long-term success.

結論: 保健立生髮療程藉激活色素幹細胞來逆轉白髮漸增、並促使毛囊新生黑色新髮,提供患者一個有前景的解決方案。然而,新生黑髮同樣受到氧化壓力的破壞,因此有必要每日施行頭皮抗老治療來確保長期療程成功。

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