Two patents filed by Asiamedic regarding treating androgenetic alopecia AGA and hair graying by activating bulge-residing stem cells with PDGF

<Aug. 08, 2014, Taipei> Taiwan-based biotechnology firm Asiamedic Biotechnology announced that its has completed the filing of two patents regarding the use of platelet-dervied growth factor for treating androgenetic alopecia (AGA) and hair graying by activating bulge-residing hair follicle stem cells and melanocyte stem cells.

Recently presented in the 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Cosmetology and Tricology held in Las Vegas last July, President Sung reported the use of PDGF in over 400 subjects who have AGA or hair graying. Although PDGF has been reported in animal study effective in inducing telogen follicle into anagen phase, no human subject has been reported of its effectiveness. "We are seeing better and better results in these days due to the improvement of our growth factor isolation technology and the potent dosage we apply on subjects' scalp."

" In one recent subect, he grew 10,000 hairs in 30 days since his first use of PDGF treatment in Shanghai June 19, 2014." "When we follow up this subejct on July 26, we supprisely discovered aboundant grwoth of new-born hair in different regions." President Sung mentioned.

" We have good reason to believe that this stem cell activation technology for hair regeneration may well replace existing hair transplant surgery from the aspects of safety, hair volume, long term effectiveness, and cost. "Hair transplant augment anterior bi-temporal recession with posterior occipital hair stains which can not be achieved by minoxidil or finasteride. Now our stem cell activation can actuallly provide satisfactory outcome first noticed in 60-75 days after the treatment."  

After the success in clinic-based hair treatment, Asiamedic Biotechnology is develping the home-based hair care treatment so that the majority of AGA and hair graying patients may apply company's hair spray and deliver into scalp on weekly basis. President Jack Sung is confident and will release such home-based treatment kit in the 4th quarter of 2014.


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